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Microsoft already working on Win7s SP1

dropping vista highspeed
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05/28/2009 09:45 AM
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Microsoft already working on Win7s SP1
Windows 7, successor to the Vista Operating System is being developed at highes speed.

First there was the rumour that 7 would be in stores mid 2010.

Now it could go release to manufacturing as early as next month. Acer has leaked the info that new machines will be preloaded with the new OS by August 2009 and that 7 will be seen in retail stores by mid October this year..

Now MS presses out new Releases of 7 builds every few weeks, the latest version as compiles on 24 May of Windows 7 Version 7137 has just been leaked to filesharing networks worldwide, while MS just today compiled build 7141.

remember that it's just been few weeks that the public download of Build 7100 ( which is the release candidate ) was allowed.

So Win 7 is so to say finnished. They are only polishing the rough edges.

But as if this fast replacement of Vista ( which just had its second ServicePack days ago ) wasn't enough, MS goes even further and is internally testing the first Service Pack for 7!

A SP is a huge bugfix collection..

See screenshot below -

so, what does that imply ?

Do they rush out 7 with known errors and bugs which that Servicepack shall adress later ?

Customers as beta-testers ?

Seems they have learned othign from the vista desaster..

[link to winfuture.de]