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Republican Senators neuter Federal Reserve Transparency bill

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 422489
United States
06/02/2009 10:56 PM
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Republican Senators neuter Federal Reserve Transparency bill
CGI pkr59 : Republican Senators neuter Federal Reserve Transparency bill

Posted By: CGI_admin <Send E-Mail>
Date: Tuesday, 2-Jun-2009 19:05:04
Republican Senators neuter Federal Reserve Transparency bill

Things like this are examples of why I am apolitical. I am not an advocate of a single party system. These blame those and those blame these, and round and round we go. The name of the game is "keep the sheep fat and happy". And it does not help that I am in Alabama myself and have been all my life. It helps to remember thou that those in Washington truly do not represent their constituents.


HR 1207, the bill to Audit the Fed, now has 179 co-sponsors. Currently the leadership of the two parties has not addressed this legislation until recently. A Senate audit bill that is unrelated to HR 1207 titled “HC-45” was introduced to audit the Fed and was promptly amended to limit the scope. It appears now that a so-called limited government Republican by the name of Richard Shelby did the watering down of the bill. Apparently he has written into the margins of the bill in pencil "with respect to a single and specific partnership or corporation." That means that the scope of the GAO’s audit has been severely limited. This modified version of the amendment does not give GAO authority to look at all of the additional taxpayer risk. Why the secrecy congressmen? Senator Charles Grassley conceded to the amendments, and has therefore shown his stripes as willing to compromise the financial security of the United States citizenry for his own political gain.

Voters would do well to remember Senator Grassley and Shelby as people who do not support oversight or transparency into the monetary system of the United States. These Senators have abdicated their responsibility to the people and should immediately step down.

[link to www.lp.org]