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Message Subject June 7, 2009 - RAPTURE?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Do you seriously think the RAPTURE won't happen just because it didn't happen on June 7, 2009?

Do you not get all the scriptures that was posted, about what Jesus Christ HIMSELF said of the end times?

All the stuff that's happening NOW?

Don't you people get it?

God just gave you all some more time to find Him. He doesn't want anyone to be left behind. He gives you time to repent and accept His son Jesus Christ, and all you people do is mock Him?

There is no escape after the RAPTURE. None whatsoever. You are going to die and then after you die you are going to think its over but its not, you go to a FAR WORSE place after death than what you are going to go through in the TRIBULATION and that period is described as a period of time that has never been and will never be again. A time with of such horror that it will never exist again in creation.

Do you NOT GET IT?!!

You mock God by saying He does not exist. Do you think that when HE does reveal Himself, He will suddenly FORGIVE YOU if you say, gee God, sorry I didn't believe in your before but since your here now, I'll believe?

NO. NOW is the time to believe. This is the time to repent and find God. This is the time God is giving you to accept His son Jesus Christ and be saved. NOW. There is no more "second chances" afterwards for those that deny Christ NOW.

Do you NOT understand that? Do you *WANT* to go to hell?

Do you not *feel* it in the air? Something is coming man. Something. Its like a eery calm now...a lull.

Jesus Christ Himself said:

Luke 17:26
"And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man."

Matthew 24:44
"So you, too, must be ready, because at an hour you are not expecting him the Son of Man will come."

There is nothing wrong with heightened expectation for believers thinking that Jesus Christ might come on one of the Holy Feast Days. These were days that Jesus Christ Himself observed.

No one even knows the REAL Pentecost day. The church decided on its best guess that it would be June 7, 2009 on the western side and June 14, 2009 on the eastern side.

What if its a week later? or several weeks later?

Are we still in the RAPTURE timeframe? DEFINITELY YES!

Will the Rapture most likely happen sometime this year, I definitely think so.


Because all the signs that are happening is pointing to it and it is perfectly coming into alignment with everything Jesus Christ and His apostles talked about of the end times. Even the prophets.

So what if June 7, 2009 was not the RAPTURE date? SO WHAT? It was a good guess based on the date of PENTECOST. So it didn't happen? I mean so what?

Does that mean God isn't showing up? lol Oh, He is coming and even sooner now as the days speed on by.

Time is growing short.

People think things are going to get better. You are all wrong. Bible clearly says the contractions like the Birth Pangs before birth, is going to become more and more frequent and worse. The pain is going to get much much worse.

Things are not going to get better. You want to hold me to a word on something? Hold me to my word on that. That I AM ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN OF. THINGS ARE NOT GOING TO GET BETTER. You can hold me to my word as one who has spoken prophecy on this if you like.

But as for me being a false prophet of dating June 7, 2009 as a POSSIBLE RAPTURE date? I didn't prophecy it. I said it might happen. That means I wasn't sure nor if it did happen I would have claimed myself as a prophet because I didn't know, I hoped that it might be but it wasn't.

But now we have a little more time to reach out and save more people which is also good. So repent now while you can.

Things are not going to get better, just much much worse. Be saved now while you can.

God loves you. He wants to save you. He is giving you as much time as possible to repent. But the end of sin's age is coming up quickly, for God cannot abide with sin.

Repent now and be saved and feel rest assured in the hope that whatever happens you are secure in the salvation of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

God Bless!
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