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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle Prof_Rabbit
Post Content
The Zeta shit will be wrong until Nancy dies.

You obviously haven't read it with an open mind.

[link to www.zetatalk.com]

If open mind means beleiving that Santa Claus is real because someone said so, I'd rather keep it closed for my own sanity.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 584504

Nancy's mind is so open her brains fell out in 2000.

Here is Nancy's explanation in her own words.


..."But I'll tell you about a moaning/groaning begging-for-a-sign time when I was first deciding to make the moves I've done these past couple years. I'm getting up there, 60, not strong, not financially anything but on the edge, and my family (except for one person) is not supportive of what I do. So I wanted a SOLID SIGN from the Zetas before I burned bridges and moved to Wisco and all. "Give me a sign!!!""

"So, I had a visitation from Pumpkin heads (the big guys, see Zeta Types in Worlds) and they told me that when I went into my office I'd find the MUFON mags turned face down, not up as usual, and that would be my sign. So I went in, all excited, and they were face up. Got hysterical. Another visitation, and they said "this is why we don't give signs on demand! If they go wrong, or are perceived wrong, hysterics, etc." So I understood, not on demand. A week later I'm in a movie house, alone, trying to relax, and get the sense that a Zeta came in and sat beside me, and I'd find a candy wrapper in my pocket or some such. I was eating Star Bursts, glued shut cardboard box, welded plastic wrapper around individually wrapped pieces. You have to break your fingernails to get the candy, practially. So I'm eating along and get to the last piece. It's not individually wrapped in wax paper. Now, EVERY Star Burst is so wrapped, by machine, I have no doubt. So, I figured that was my sign, when I wasn't expecting it."

(tt-watch October 17, 2000)
end quote
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