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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle **ZetaMax**
Post Content
They tolerate it for the same reason I forgave it for so long (and in a much less capacity - STILL DO). The behavior of the DEBUNKERS. A 2x4 cracked over the head hurts and is avoided regardless of whether it's painted white, or black. If you use truth as a STICK rather than a CARROT, you should'nt be surprised when the bunny runs away from you. Most of her "authoritarianism" is excused as necessary to protect her material and discourse from the debunkers and thier TACTICS.

"Truth" seems to be a victim of "collateral damage" and friendly fire.

And I for one, think that's INTENTIONAL - on the part of BOTH camps.
 Quoting: **ZetaMax**

`Fence sitter'????

Yeah sure....

And HOW is `truth' a victim of "collateral damage" and friendly fire?????

Its what the debunkers use to show up her lies and often deliberate misleading statements....

The ONLY ones abusing it are nancy LIEder and the bunkers....

(abusing it- they are giving it the full gitzmo waterboarding treatment then burying it deep in an unmarked grave LOL)

Anyone with half a working braincell who has watched her and her supporters behaviour can see what I (and others) are saying is indeed the truth...

(Which explains your inability to see it- you have shown by your behaviour that you don't even have that much thinking capacity)
 Quoting: aussie 763624 20255293

Some "believers" are enigma even to "myself":

[link to vimeo.com]
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