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Message Subject Debunker Talk LIVE Chat 24/7 - A debunker's paradise!!
Poster Handle Menow
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Nancy (Zetas) Wrong Again!

Her claim:

"In fact, the Sun should not even be visible, per Skymap, as it is Winter at the S Pole and they are within their 3 months of darkness there. "

Wrong - there is no three months of darkness at Mawson Station (67° 36'S/62° 52'E). The only time during this year the Sun does not come above the horizon is June 13 to 28.

As for the Sun here are the calculated rise/set times (all times are local (UTC+5)):

July 21 - 1053 1458
July 22 - 1049 1502
July 23 - 1044 1506
July 24 - 1040 1511
July 25 - 1036 1515
July 26 - 1032 1519
July 27 - 1028 1523

Learn how to use Skymap!

Here's a screen shot from Cartes du Ciel for Mawson Station on July 22, 2012

[link to www.zetasquawk.com]

Notice the Sun?
 Quoting: bob_909

Yeah, a bunch of people are talking about the "south pole" and saying that specs about that location apply to the Antarctic stations, NONE of which are actually at the "south pole".
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