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Message Subject I received a spam email threatening to kill me and my family if I do not send them $800 READ THIS SHIZZ
Poster Handle ALeopardSanctuary
Post Content
A. definitely Nigerians since they always say they are from London or Britain or UK

B. Qualifies as cyberterrorism if we did that over here however no one's going to be concerned over a email that's obviously a fake [and easily able to be told to be fake.]

c. I haven't studied that type before as that before and ty for sharing.

I trust you are not being followed by Hamas or actual Moslem's...

This "not so new" angle sure seems more effective within Nigerians minds since they just can't get any. Might be a sign they are wigging out and not able to get a bunch tricked anymore.

Don't send money if they say they have relative. Not if phrased so ignorant or haven't sent newspaper cutouts. chuckle
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