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Message Subject I received a spam email threatening to kill me and my family if I do not send them $800 READ THIS SHIZZ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Right click on the email, where it says From, Subject, Recieved, etc. Look down at the pop up box where it says Properties, click on that. Another little box will appear and you can click on details at the top, then Message Source at the bottom. You will see a lot of stuff most of us do not understand but you will see who all has recieved that email (multiple mailings) and see who sent it to you. The FBI will need to be forwarded this email in it original form. Do not copy and paste to them. Forward the entire email. IF, and I say IF, this is real and you are not lying to us, you should inform your local police department. This is a serious crime. I've recieved many of the Nigerian junk letters but never even heard of one like yours.
 Quoting: Cowboy Blue

Good idea. This is no joke - it is 100% real.
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