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Message Subject For those unemployed/who asked: Ideas to supplement your income or start your own business.
Poster Handle Life's-A-Bitch
Post Content
EDIT: please try to read thru the entire thread bc there's so many excellent suggestions and experiences that might benefit you or someone you know wink

in a thread i had, i mentioned Ive owned my own business'. Ive had a lot of inquiries on what kind of business' Ive owned and how to start up a business - even some with virtually little to no startup costs. in lieu of answering each/every email i'm tossing this thread out.

**troll all you want.....but i'm where i'm at now, bc i'm diligent and self sufficient.

hope this helped those who inquired and those who came into the thread.
 Quoting: Phennommennonn

Phennommennonn you are my kind of lady. You truly epitomize the pioneering American spirit, just as our fore Fathers and Mothers displayed when they came to a country that had no permanent structures, no industry, nothing but raw materials and a population of peoples who were migrant hunter gatherers.

You are a prime example of the fact that the only thing that holds one back is themselves. Opportunities are endless here in America. All that is needed is an inspiration and a little elbow grease.

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