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Message Subject For those unemployed/who asked: Ideas to supplement your income or start your own business.
Poster Handle aquarianunicorn31
Post Content
when i was 19 and left home, i started a biz typing book reports and resumes. i had flyers stuck in library books since the schools wouldn't approve that i post the flyers on bulletin boards...so i picked depts like law and medicine ....since they really have no time to type reports and stuff. i usually got older students who are still going to school because they're really not familiar with the computers and stuff.

i used to charge 1.00 a page then as i got along i did it on an hourly pay like 12/hr...it's so easy...they write it, i type it and print it.

then i progressed into putting those back to school furniture....i cant believe these college kids would actually pay for someone to put a bookshelf together, or those ikea furniture so they can go out and party. part of me felt bad that i feel like i'm taking advantage of them, but then again i need the money and they have the money so why not.

i've been thinking of doing that again since im always short on cash. this time though, i had to shell out ads on college papers and pennysaver.

i also started making my own jewelry - im still honing that skill but eventually i'll partner with someone who has the time to sell them at swap meets.

lastly - i have a thought but not sure where it could work. i usually shop at dollar tree/99c stores...i can get those baking supplies and bake cupcakes and cakes...with my 7-4 schedule and having to still get the kids from school and other chores, i dont quite have an idea where to sell them. im thinking if i can get permission to leave a flyer at the school daycare that if they have party needs i can bake the cupcakes for them or something.
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