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HAARP - High Freq Active Auroral Research Project

User ID: 701702
United Kingdom
06/15/2009 11:47 AM
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HAARP - High Freq Active Auroral Research Project

HAARP does Not Transmit microwaves at all!
Not even One watt of microwave power.

Benjamin Fulford is not correct in stating this.

HAARP transmits HF (High Frequencies) - within the Shortwave Radio bands.

When the HF radiowaves hit the upper atmosphere they can produce microwaves at much lower fieldstrengths - nowhere Near even a million watts, yet alone a billion watts of Power.

Please also Learn and understand that Power is not the same as Energy. They are completely different terms.

Please pass this forward to Mr. Fulford who can be located and contacted very easily.


This does not say that HAARP is a safe system.

Best Wishes