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DoD Training Manual: Protests are “Low-Level Terrorism”

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06/15/2009 06:03 PM
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DoD Training Manual: Protests are “Low-Level Terrorism”
That's right boys and girls now that you go out to protest (which is your right due so under the Bill of Rights.) Your Uncle Sam Government under Patriot Act I and II deems you a "Low Level Terrorist"

Opening you up for ALL those nifty laws under Patriot Act I and II.. Such as indefinite detention without due process, water boarding torture, secret trials without a lawyer.. and anything else that new Homeland Security might want to subject you to...

Yes boys and girls while you were sleeping and sucking down your media driven fast food and playing your Xbox. Your country turned Fascist Police State Over Night..

But go back to sleep boys and girls be rest assured that your loving government Loves and Protects you from those evil doing Terrorists.



[link to dailycensored.com]

DoD Training Manual: Protests are “Low-Level Terrorism”

June 15, 2009 by admin
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By Dennis Loo

The Department of Defense is training all of its personnel in its current Antiterrorism and Force Protection Annual Refresher Training Course that political protest is “low-level terrorism.”

The Training introduction reads as follows:

“Anti-terrorism (AT) and Force Protection (FP) are two facets of the Department of Defense (DoD) Mission Assurance Program. It is DoD policy, as found in DoDI 2000.16, that the DoD Components and the DoD elements and personnel shall be protected from terrorist acts through a high pirority, comprehensive, AT program. The DoD’s AT program shall be all encompassing using an integrated systems approach.”

The first question of the Terrorism Threat Factors, “Knowledge Check 1” section reads as follows:

Which of the following is an example of low-level terrorism activity?

Select the correct answer and then click Check Your Answer.

O Attacking the Pentagon


O Hate crimes against racial groups

O Protests


The “correct” answer is Protests.

A copy of this can be found on the last two pages of this pdf.

The ACLU learned of this training and on June 10, 2009 sent a letter to the Gail McGinn, Acting Under-Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, objecting to their training all DoD personnel that the exercise of First Amendment rights constitutes “low-level terrorism.”

For those who have worried about a trend – evident, for example, in the USA PATRIOT Act, the universal and ongoing government surveillance of all of Americans’ electronic communications that began in February of 2001 (seven months before 9/11), the global war on a tactic (terrorism), therefore making this war unending, the unprecedented pre-emptive arrests of protestors at the 2008 Republican National Convention with those protesters being charged as “domestic terrorists,” the justifications for torture, pre-emptive wars of aggression, ongoing occupations, American gulags such as Bagram, suspension of habeas corpus, and “prolonged detention” for acts someone might commit, not what they have done, FBI et al infiltration of protest groups and the government’s acknowledged use of undercover agents (agents provocateurs) in said infiltration, thus giving the government under the rubric of fighting domestic terrorism unrestrained and unsupervisable power to suppress legitimate political activities, the unleashing and justifications for Christian fascists to murder those they do not like (such as the assassination of Dr. George Tiller and the killing at the Holocaust Museum a few days ago) – this news adds further fuel to the fire.
[link to www.dailycensored.com]

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