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We are at a critical point! Request from Iranians outside of Iran

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United States
06/24/2009 10:07 PM
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We are at a critical point! Request from Iranians outside of Iran
[link to tehranbroadcast.com]

First, I apologize for the tone of my words. I write this letter in Tehran, in poor physical conditions and morale, on behalf of the Iranian people to Iranians outside Iran. I believe this matter is very important for the fate of Iran. As Napoleon said, only one step separates victory and defeat. We are exactly at that crucial step now.

Tonight, I was alone on the roof. It was just me and a young girl, a few houses away, who was shouting Allah-o-Akbar (God is great) with all her power. Her voice had something of Neda’s in it, so with all my remaining energy I shouted, screamed, “Don’t be afraid, Don’t be afraid, We are all together!”. But even I got tired after half an hour later, came down to my room, a little scared, a little frustrated. But I could still hear the girl shouting “Iranians with dignity, Support Support!”

These words are coming from the people’s heart here. These past days, I’ve been here and I have felt everything with my whole being. Here in Tehran, people are a little scared. They have murmured in people’s ears that Basij identifies the houses from which people shout and mobilizes night attacks. The video broadcast yesterday on CNN, where some women are screaming in a house has made the belief stronger. People are scared. Neda’s death has perplexed people. State media have started a sophisticated psychological warfare campaign. These days, they have put thugs everywhere, in every corner of the streets. Today I was terrified when I saw that there were only a few thousand protesting in 7tir sq. God is my witness, we have made our efforts.
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