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Message Subject Martinus, cosmology and a vision of the future.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
As you are aware without duality there is no life only death prevails. Thats basic.
One thing Martinus mentioned that is Gods kingdom on earth will be here in three thousand years. Now with the increasing number of souls that are not accustomed to live in a cultured life and need to reincarnate many times to build their experiences, I am apt to see that there must be a mutation taking place. Because 3000 years is a very short time.
If we look at how much the human has changed for the past 2000 years then we say changes were a matter of degrees and not of that major magnitude.

Instead of coming into somebody elses house killing them and taking their property as people did in the past,Martinus said, its done with well dressed people in suites and neckties and through a capitalistic system that sucks their peresonal resources without killing them directly.

Any way, as I said a mutation must take place because most tthe people on the planet are not mature to live in that type of enviroment.
Love thy next and be happy to serve thy next.
At present it doesn`t look very promising at all as things look to achieve that in 3000 years.!!!.!!!
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