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Have Zimbabweans in the Diaspora abdicated their birth right?

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06/27/2009 06:58 PM
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Have Zimbabweans in the Diaspora abdicated their birth right?
[link to www.allvoices.com]
The recent debate instigated by the Prime minister of Zimbabwe, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai on whether Zimbabweans in the Diaspora should go back home to assist in the reconstruction of Zimbabwe at this moment in time following the formation of the inclusive government brought to the fore a lot more questions than answers, with regard to us Zimbabweans as a people and the degree of commitment we have to our beloved country.

In fact when it comes to our country, We Zimbabweans as a people have mastered the art of coming up with excuses in order to extend our stay in the comforts of foreign lands. This reminds me of any old adage that pretty much sums the attitude of my fellow citizens with regard to Zimbabwe. There was any important job to be done and everybody was sure that somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but nobody did it and somebody got angry about that because it was everybody’s job. Everybody thought that anybody could do it, but nobody realised that everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that everybody blamed somebody when nobody did what anybody could have done.

Zimbabwe as a country is haemorrhaging and urgently needs its sons and daughters back in the fold in order to make it out of its current quagmire. Arguments have been advanced as to the timing of the Prime minister’s call for Zimbabweans to seriously consider coming back home. If we are to be honest with ourselves we all knew this day was coming, but instead we decided to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that Zimbabwe will sort itself out and we will be invited at the end of it all to take up high flying positions without as so much as lifting a finger to fix anything. Yes we have been remitting our hard earned income to our families in Zimbabwe, but this has been largely subsistence money in its attributes. None of that money could be regarded as enough to get the industries going again.

The second argument advanced in dismissing the prime minister call relates to the perceived human rights situation in Zimbabwe. Despite the Prime minister insisting that Zimbabwe had no political prisoners in its correctional institutions, most Zimbabweans decided to disregard this and instead relied on a report authored by a visiting human rights Official from Amnesty International. Logic will, correctly perceived, should guide us accordingly. The Prime minister lives in Zimbabwe and the Amnesty International official was merely visiting, surely on a balance of probabilities whom amongst the two, the Prime minister and the Amnesty International official should be believed when it came to what is going on in Zimbabwe.

In Britain sacrifices were made through the industrial revolution by its citizens to bring this island to its current status as the desired destination of every national in the world.

more at above link

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