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Message Subject Bureaucrats Will Carry Out Mandatory Home Inspections Under Climate Bill - Tidy Up Everyone
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So they, by law, come to my house, look in every room, closet and attic. They discover that I have all the government approved light bulbs, some solar/wind power, a mixture of old and nearly new appliances, a fireplace, an antique wood burning cook stove in the kitchen and no A/C.

They also are able to see my extensive food stores and an assortment of firearms. Not to mention my Bug Out Bag hanging in the closet.

What kind of teeth does this law have? What happens as a consequence of noncompliance? What if I say "No I don't need a Home Energy Survey?"

What happens if a homeowner allows the inspectors access to the house? Is the homeowner forced to make "improvements" even if they don't want or can not afford them?

What if they determine that my antique wood stove is "bad"
Do they send a truck to pick it up and destroy it? Do they decide that at the age of 62 I should not be living in Florida without A/C? Do they send a contractor to install it and then send me the bill?

I can foresee all kinds of really bad things coming about as a result of all these draconian laws.

Do they hope that the "angry white man" syndrome will finally kick in and we will say NO MORE? Is this just one more straw on the camels back as a test to see what will give them the excuse to implement martial law and force this country into a lock-down dictatorship?

So many questions.

We do indeed live in interesting times.
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