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LRADs and not so security related uses.

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07/05/2009 04:08 AM
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LRADs and not so security related uses.
LRADs are long range acoustic devices.

We've all read about them, but lets think about other uses for them. I think they could be used to harass people into thinking that they're hearing voices that aren't there.

You could do all sorts of things with them, you could make someone go out and steal something that they want or don't want. Likewise you could make someone think they're hearing the voice of God and some gullible people might be convinced to commit a crime like assassinating someone.

Mentally ill people already commit crimes due to a misconception that they're hearing voices which is ludicrous.

Mentally ill people suffer from a chemical imbalance that causes a short circuit in their brain that tricks it into perciving aural input from their sub conscious brain. Thus the voices tell them to kill someone due to aggression that they have as of yet dealt with, usually because of some real or imagined wrong committed against them.

So I would like to pose a question to GLP.

If you had an LRAD would you use it to harass someone that you thought deserved it?

I'm of the opinion that such devices should be strictly controlled.
Who knows, someone might go berserk and go on a crime spree across their country.
Holy cow! It's the woowoo patrol!