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Honduras... Witness account

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United States
07/08/2009 01:26 AM
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Honduras... Witness account
My husband works with a man whose son was stuck over in Honduras when all of this nonsense erupted. The following is an email from the young man's father...

As many of you know, my son was in Honduras on a mission trip when all of this went down. My son is home safe and sound. Below is an e-mail from the man who coordinates and runs the mission from our church. He is still there, as you can see from the e-mail. Please read the attachment. This is just another case of our government trying to spread socialism throughout our hemisphere. They sit back and say that we should not get involved in another country’s business - and yet, he and is administration are trying to force Honduras to take back the man they kicked out. Isn’t that “getting in their business”?


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The following is the email delivered from the man who runs the missions in Honduras from this gentleman's church...

Things are getting pretty tense in the country, but very quiet here at the ranch. There have been a flurry of news reports from the capital regarding whether or not Zelaya will be able to get a plane in here today. The latest, just a few minutes ago is that his supporters have broken through military lines at the airport and are occupying the landing strip to keep the government from blocking it. There are also widespread reports of foreign troops on or near the Nicaraguan border.

Obviously, we are hunkered down here at the ranch in hopes that the day will pass peacefully. I continue to be amazed /appalled at the idiotic stance of our government and the incredibly misguided reporting in the US media outlets. A few minutes ago, I published the attached letter to the Wall Street Journal comment community. I’d appreciate it if some of you all can find outlets to get this into internet circulation. I know it’s just screaming in the wind, but it gave me an outlet for all this pent up tension to write it.

Right now, they’re saying the airport will be closed at least until Wednesday, so I have no clear idea as to when I’ll be ready to head home.

Keep us in your prayers.

En Cristo,


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Valent!ne  (OP)

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United States
07/08/2009 01:27 AM
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Re: Honduras... Witness account
And, here is the open letter to the American people...

An Open Letter to the American People,

As I write this letter, my colleagues and I are standing watch over twenty five orphaned children that God has placed in our care in Jayacayan, Honduras. We are all collectively holding our breath, waiting to see what this day brings if ex-president Zelaya attempts to return to this country. The likelihood of bloody violence is extremely high if he returns. There is little we can do here except to stand ready to move the children to safety if lawlessness breaks out. When civil order breaks down, men of low character will take advantage of lack of authority to loot and plunder. Someone has to stand in the gap.

Persistent reports are circulating of foreign troops mustered on the Nicaraguan border less than twenty kilometers from our orphanage. Busloads of recruited and paid “protesters” are reportedly staged in El Espino ready to mount buses to flood the capital in Tegucigalpa. One word from the world community could stop this madness, yet the world has chosen to side with a rogue politician who would plunge this country into the chaos and corruption that marks the socialist regimes of Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Ecuador.

America has always stood for freedom and democracy, but we also have a long history of opposing unjust regimes. The White House propaganda machine would have you believe this is a “military coup” that ousted a democratically elected president. But, let us take note that this was a president sworn to look after the best interests of his people and defend his constitution. This crisis erupted when this president went rogue, reversing the course of the basis on which he was elected and attempting to unilaterally force changes to the constitution in clear violation of Honduran law. By Honduran law, those actions two weeks ago immediately terminated Zelaya’s presidency. By unanimous vote of Congress and the direct orders of The Supreme Court, Zelaya was ordered to step down. After resigning on Thursday June 25, Zelaya recanted that resignation on Saturday the 27th and defied court orders to desist from his attempts to conduct an illegal referendum. That defiance led to his arrest and exile. The arrest was conducted by the military, but acting only under strict orders from the civilian government. The characterization of this action as a “military coup” is simply untrue and makes one wonder about the motives of intelligent men in our State Department and White House who surely must understand this mis-characterization.

If a seated president of the United States ran a government rife with corruption and plunged our country into poverty, then suddenly embraced communism and called for a national referendum to abrogate our constitution, would we not rise up and throw the scoundrel out? Why then will we not support our Honduran brothers and sisters as they attempt to defend their own constitution? I am at a complete loss to understand why our country has taken such an uninformed (at best) or startling reversal of key American values (at worst). Meanwhile, the American people are being fed gross distortions of the truth sandwiched in thirty second sound bites sprinkled throughout our twenty four hour coverage of Michael Jackson’s funeral. Wake up America, before we find ourselves in the same mess.

It’s time for all Americans to insist that we return to standing for the values on which we built our country. Tell the White House we are not puppets of Hugo Chavez.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
07/08/2009 11:59 AM
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Re: Honduras... Witness account
Zelaya is a facilitator in the drug operations. The drug trade is about the only thing now fueling the global economy with liquidity. Like how we are beefing up our Afghan invasion to protect and facilitate the poppy market. The US gov with media collusion has brainwashed us with this false patriotic BS. The banking cartel with their CIA henchmen have no allegiance to any country. The ideas of God and Country have been implanted into us for control. Religion and Politics. Divide and Conquer.