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Why So Many CZARS?

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07/11/2009 04:08 PM
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Why So Many CZARS?
Reuters this month counted "as many as 21" czars but didn't provide a list.

It's too many czars, grumble some members of the Senate. They might fear that the real power will flow toward czars, most of whom are not subject to Senate confirmation. It's a matter of accountability, they say.

An argument, perhaps, for expanding the jurisdiction of the accountability czar, Earl Devaney, now charged with monitoring spending under the economic stimulus program.

See the hall of Obama czars below, here in the Swamp:

Executive pay (appointed Wednesday): Kenneth Feinberg

Regulatory czar: Cass Sunstein

Health-care reform: Nancy-Ann DeParle

Efficiency: Jeffrey Zients

Southwest border czar: Alan Bersin

Energy: Carol Browner

Urban affairs: Adolfo Carrion

Economics: Paul Volcker AND/OR??? Lawrence Summers

Government performance: Unfilled

Drug: Gil Kerlikowske

Car czar: Steve Rattner

Bank bailout: Herb Allison

Iran: Dennis Ross

Mideast: George Mitchell

Afghanistan/Pakistan: Richard Holbrooke

Cyber security: To be named.

Distressed auto communities: Ed Montgomery

Climate change: Todd Stern