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07/15/2009 11:45 AM
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We are ready
The alignment of the inner and outer are assured to take place once you have discover the true nature of the universe. You need only learn the observers perspective to gain insight into the very fabrics that weave together your multidimensionality.
Intention is the divine spark the self directs, willpower is the conduit, and expansion or contraction is the result. You see your intention is your conscience. It determines the path your energy takes, the path you weave in the records of the universe, the path you experience for yourself and leave for others to experience.
Those with intentions to harm others ride the path of the negative. They may get the results they desire , for it is the intention that creates the path, and the path that sustains the effects, but the conclusion is inevitable. Their path contracts. It forever shrinks. It's polarity is reversed, and suffering ensues. Not suffering that we can imagine in this realm, lest endure. They are heading towards an inevitable conclusion.
A great collective of negative intentions becomes a great force, at extremes a black hole forever trying to shrink the universe. That's one perspective, the perspective we in this realm are capable of understanding. It filters through all dimensions in various forms.
With positive intentions the universe counter balances and expands. Great forces of positivity can be perceived in the physical universe as nebula giving birth to stars. This is the true nature of intelligence behind the creation. We are co creators. With intention we can expand or contract. Don't bother yourself with the intentions of another for their path is their own, bother yourself with your intentions alone, for this is where your fate resides.