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Message Subject Texas Unsencored was right!
Poster Handle UP
Post Content
Actually, it doesn't look photoshopped to me.

But it looks to be true to Texas Uncensored's now well-known style, namely a defocused bokeh ring, over enlarged.

It's an aircraft catching the sun, and if it was properly focused, that BOKEH ring would disappear. Note how the trail is also distorted and shows a smeared, out of focus effect?

Shall I post a pile of similar bokeh effects, with that characteristic ring?

For just one, take a look at the examples near the bottom of this page:
[link to www.booleansplit.com]

If you dispute my interpretation, please just answer a simple a simple question.

What WOULD a plane leaving contrails behind look like, if it was catching the sun, and just slightly out of focus?
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