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Message Subject Texas Unsencored was right!
Poster Handle Candace
Post Content
I want to know what people think that is.


Could be photoshopped, but, I have seen them too, and I'm not too far away from where TU resides. I was using binoculars to watch a disk at the front of the contrail. I could scarcely believe what I was seeing! It gets better. I rested my arms for a moment by lowering my binoculars, but still keeping an eye on the sky. A few seconds later, I lifted the binoculars to continue observing, and the thing was gone! Disappeared! The contrail hung in the sky and began its "rope-a-dope" spread, but the sphere I had been watching at the head of the trail was not to be found anywhere!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 728138

Craft check the contents of the chemtrails regularly and "disinfect" appropriately.

TU, there are No unfriendly aliens in our solar system, NONE. unspiritual folks are kept within boundaries, and all of the former negative "owners" of this system are removed.
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