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Message Subject Texas Unsencored was right!
Poster Handle Candace
Post Content
Floyd007, I grabbed the images at Camelot, [link to www.projectcamelot.net]

I cropped the image on the right, enlarged, and unbrightened. That's the only ehancement that was made.

Here you go. It reminds me of those bubble blower things we played with as kids.

 Quoting: Texas Uncensored

This certainly doesn't look like a "chemtrail" to me. this looks like an emission tail, which I suppose could be labeled contrail. This is a craft. The planes used to chemtrail leave 2 to 4 trails depending on the type of sprayer plane it is.

This "tail" is not typical of the shape of an ordinary jet flying into the western sun where the contrail glows. I go with this is a craft of some sort. Could be an earth craft, I don't know. But this is not a an unfocused pic of any normal plane.
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