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Message Subject Chemtrail Planes Forced Down in India and Nigeria
Poster Handle G. House
Post Content
This group is to help educate the American people on their citizenship status and how they can break the bonds of involuntary servitude that they have been placed under through adhesion contracts to the US government corporation.

This is NOT an anti-government group, on the contrary, it is a self-government group for those who are willing to take responsibility for governing them selves and not give up their rights under the constitution to the US government.

Nope, not anti-government at all!

Seriously, wanting to do away with the current government is anti-government.

Excellent example of "double-speak".

So then, voting is anti government unless you vote for the incumbent?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 709767

No, because the system remains the same and the voting is part of that system.
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