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Message Subject Humanity have been enslaved
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
While mankind is caught up in the delusion of servitude
within the belief that the real rewards for obedience are withheld
until the end of the lifetime and are to be experienced
in another realm, one’s personal power is totally compromised.

He/she lives in a state of belief that control rests out side of any real personal control. “God’’ is the ultimate
source of all good humans themselves are the cause of all
“bad’’ because of disobedience to some known or unknown
laws, rules or regulations that they have broken. Obedience
and service are the watchwords of “goodness’’ which is the
“ideal of life.’’

To further add to the ambiguity of the situation,
commitment to obedience and service allows for cruel
and inhumane treatment of fellow humans at the discretion
of religion and government. Within this system, there is no
true freedom for mankind to determine who and what they

There is no freedom to understand that the “God’’ concept
as taught is one perpetrated for one purpose only, to
enslave and control beings that have the potential of becoming
totally equal to and surpassing the evolvement of those
who are foisting this enslaving situation on the humans living
on this planet.
 Quoting: Levski

I think Earth is an experiment and souls of every planet of this galaxy are participating in it. There is here probably one representant of every planet in the galaxy. The experiment is to make our minds of some things as a galaxy and clear some doubts that some members rised about the limits into which everyone can be free to express himself. Something like that, in channelings it is expressed like "we are viewing the amount of light it is necessary to follow a non destructive path".
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