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Message Subject Celebs without Makeup , hehehehe , funny video
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No Asian chicks in video. Guess Asians don't need make up to look good unlike white women.

LMAO I guess you don't know many Asian women, eh?

I (a white woman) grew up around Asians -- Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, and you know what? They're just the same as other races without makeup -- washed out, plain, normal looking.

When we were teenagers, most of my friends needed cover up and foundation to even out their skin tones (many Asians have "whiter" patches on their skin, I've noticed); I was the only lucky one in that regard. Still am, thankfully.

I still only wear eye shadow (a light/dark combo for my eye lids and a dark brown for my eyebrows), eye liner on my upper lids, mascara, blush, and home made chapstick.

On days I go out without makeup (which is most of the time), I wear a bit of blush just to give me a bit of colour, but that's it.

There probably weren't many Asians in that video since there aren't many Hollywood Asian female celebs.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 709018

Enough! You said too much. Most Asians don't do makeup and they are as cute as an infant even when they are 40.
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