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Message Subject I've been over dosed with Anunnaki stem cells. Ask me a question...
Poster Handle Eve_4000Bc
Post Content
Why do you hate everything?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 737249

I feel like my life has been a joke to the Anunnaki and Peter Fraser ever since I was worm holed and put back into my body at age 5 years old.

I feel like they put me back to my rapist father and the joke of it all is he didnt rape me this time around but they told brendan it was all good but neglected to tell him they gave me a food demon and instead of raping me in this life my dad just threw me around and humilated me a lot because the food demon.

Now as an adult my life is shit but people who don't understand the government nor demons and curses don't even understand. Fuck you you Peter! And yes AC I realize you are not Peter Fraser but I've had it with this bull shit and refuse to shut up!

Shoot me in the head or worm hole me back but I hate you fucking anunnaki and government people for doing this to me...

Practical joke or not I say fuck you!
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