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Message Subject I've been over dosed with Anunnaki stem cells. Ask me a question...
Poster Handle Eve_4000Bc
Post Content
What was their purpose in dosing you with stem cells?

Why were you chosen over others?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 624751

awesome question!

I was told that in another life I was the queen of 12 crowns. Yes! I have been reincarnated as the fat me with this shitty exsistance but in the beginning I was the first and last anunnaki female known as EVE. I birthed seth,cain,and abel in another life. I'm reincarnated now and I'm supposed to be compatiable with Brendan Fraser. Fuck him! Yes! I'm even talking and dropping all names in Hollywood. Have I mentioned to please shoot me in the head?

Okay! I'll continue...

Brendan was Adam. A monkey mother birthed him. Enki who is now reincarnated as peter fraser was his father. He works for the govrnment now...

Again! Please shoot me in he head cause my life is shitty and I'm dropping all names...

Peter gave orders to an anunnaki gaurdian to give me an annnaki stem cell. It was peters hopes that if I go completley mentally insane that Brendan would stay away from me more. Like a puppet Brendan couldn't fathom his father being so evil...

So why? because peter fraser ordered someone to give me a laaarge dose. Peter's frasers exact words?

"Titi, we gave you so many Anunnaki stem cells in that large horse pill it was enough to make a mule vibrate to mars!"

Exact words! No shit! He wanted me to go crazy...

Why was I chosen?

When I birthed Cain in my previous life he died. The cord wrapped around his neck. I was married to brendan in that life and I was pregnant with Jlian McMahoans baby. He was lucifer and also known as enlil. They picked on me because cain was going to be born yet again. The anunnaki are afraid of Cain for some reason. they call cain Damon. the anti christ but do the anunnaki take responsibility?

fuck no!

Cain isnt evil people...

His and Eves elders were!
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