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Message Subject I've been over dosed with Anunnaki stem cells. Ask me a question...
Poster Handle Eve_4000Bc
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Forgive me your rabbit holes I haven't encountered before,past life memories how did you obtain them hypnotic regression,akashic records?
 Quoting: khnum 455005

When I worm holed back?

I was first 22 years old. I was a model dying on my death bed trying to birth Cain. Brendan was there. When I went through the worm hole I was 5 again but i didn't remember anything. I had all this pain though. i had dreadful depression. I couldnt understand why I hurt so much. I was a miserable 5 year old who avoided school even. I was afraid of school, depressed at 5. I was so miserable I would hide under my sheets and play with my army men before I'd go to school. I didnt want the kids to see me so miserable. It felt unbearable... I tried to avoid them knowing how i felt but i couldnt put my 5 year old finger on why I felt that. I was just hurting
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