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Message Subject I've been over dosed with Anunnaki stem cells. Ask me a question...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What do demons look like? Is there some way you can spot them?

I ask because I've been creeped out by some people when I've been out. Their eyes lock on to mine like they're sizing me up or trying to read me or something, and it's not in the "hey baby what's your name" kinda thing lol. Downright creepy.

What do demons survive on (blood, food, etc.)?

So Vampires are pale. What about their teeth? Are their incisors always long, do they lengthen, etc? I'm thinking along the lines of books, moreso lol. Is sunlight an issue? What do they survive on (blood, food, mixture of both)?

How did you come to meet Peter? Why all the focus on you (meaning, why doesn't he go terrorize someone else?)? And why would Brendan follow you around with a camera for 3 months? Observing you for what?

Lol I ask too many questions, and there will be a lot more.
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