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Message Subject I've been over dosed with Anunnaki stem cells. Ask me a question...
Poster Handle Trailer-trash
Post Content
what's Anunnaki stem cells
and who are Anunnaki

i'm too lazy to Google shit right now

Anunnaki stem cells: they are little pills with crushed dna from a spirtual being crushed down into a dna tablet. I got a horse pill! Hollywood people take little tablets. tiny even. Brendan showed me what his looked like and like a moron he split it in half and shared it with me. He didnt think i could take half of his baby tablet? But what brendan failed to realize is that his father made an anunnaki guy come to me and give me a horse pill. Description osf mine? white powder looking... a little bigger than a tylonol but enough to swallow if you have a shot of whiskey or something to wash it down. it was a huge white powder pill bigger than an asprin thats the size of a capsile.

The anunnaki are the assholes who fucked with me. they have wings and usually are known for doing good and being all loving and working for God but they apparetnly work for the government too and can go evil on your ass... My opinion is DO not trust them. They will laugh at your pityful human exsistance and let you suffer...
 Quoting: Eve_4000Bc

a little pill? from hollywood no less? HHHmmm..

Got any more? ill share some uuhh..scotch with ya..its single from trader joes!!
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