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Message Subject I've been over dosed with Anunnaki stem cells. Ask me a question...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I can't think of any that are aholes? So I will have to leave it to you to tell us ;-)

As for the others I was wondering who probably takes the pills and who does not.

The A listers take them. Tally up their names and just know it. they are probally pissed I'm even mentioning anunnaki stem cells. The truth is... They do have a right to be pissed I'm discussing this, but i have every right to bitch that I didn't want to take my horse pill. I told the anunnaki guy no. I told him I don't like drugs cause it scares me what they do to me. He said,"Well, you know how the saying goes...
You know the truth now and if you know the truth then i have to kill you. If you take the pill then you live."

I was forced to take that pill. The guy had some power to him. To say the least I knew he wasn't human. I trusted him and what hurts more is i trusted his heart. I even believed in him but that day he was taking an order from Peter Fraser. This all came to me in visions. He didnt even tell me. I had my visions from the amount of stem cells I WAS FORCED TO TAKE. I think some of the woarse things a person can do is trick someone. I feel betrayed.

I think of Mary when I think of being tricked. She was tricked in the woarst way. Tricked woarse then me. It stops me from crying about who tricked me and how. It's way more trivial what happened to me, but then

Brendan Fraser tricked me in a horrible way...
 Quoting: Eve_4000Bc

Does the celebrities taking annunaki pills have to do with their wikipedia pages showign a broken ourobourus in the guise of the Wikicommons broken circle.

Indicating that they have broken the reincarnational cycle??

Please answer. Thank you.
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