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Subject Boku Super Food Giveaway Aims to Put Potent Nutrition in the Hands of Every NaturalNews Reader
Poster Handle some health freebie
Post Content
(NaturalNews) This has been in the works for a long time, and you'll love this news: Boku Superfood, makers of my top-recommended superfood powder product, has announced an exclusive Boku Super Food giveaway that gets you a 10-day supply of this remarkable superfood at (virtually) no cost.

It's exclusive to NaturalNews, and it's starts right now at www.FreeBoku.com where you can get a 10-day supply (3.3 ounces) of Boku Super Food by paying only $4.99 for shipping and handling (non-U.S. readers pay slightly more, see the website for details).

I'm announcing this here on NaturalNews.com because Boku Super Food remains a top-notch, award-winning superfood product that you absolutely need to try (if you haven't already). This 10-day free sample offer is the best way to get it into your hands and see how Boku Superfood can really work for you.

Just to clarify: I have no financial ties whatsoever with this company, and I earn nothing from Boku Super Food product sales. As with all such product special offers you'll see here on NaturalNews, this is an independent, non-commercial recommendation, and it's bound to be super popular with NaturalNews readers (while it lasts, anyway).

This is no time to come up short on nutrition
Given that swine flu is coming this fall, and many people remain nutritionally depleted, I think it's hugely important to get Boku Super Food into the hands of as many people as possible. I'm not saying it's a cure for swine flu, because it's never been tested for that, but it sure is a powerful immune modulator, and people who want to survive a swine flu infection need a healthy, balanced immune system response.

Don't miss out on this one! I've been told there's a quantity limit on this offer of 10,000 units. And since this 10-day supply is worth roughly $20, it's pretty easy to guess these samples won't last for long. (NaturalNews readers will jump on this.)

If you want to get in on this, take advantage of it right now at www.FreeBoku.com (limit one per household, I've been told).

Again, I have absolutely no financial ties in this deal. My only hope is that somebody will bring me some Boku on their next trip to Ecuador, as I've used up all my Boku!

By the way, check out the ingredient list below to see what's in Boku... you'll be really impressed.

How it works and why it's free
They say there's "no such thing as a free lunch," right? So why is Boku Super Food giving away 10,000 units of this premium superfood product for free?

The answer, of course, is that they hope you'll like the product and stay on their autoship program to receive a replacement bottle of Boku each month. That's why, when you claim the free 10-day sample, you'll need to choose an autoship option to receive a bottle of Boku Superfood every 30 days (or 60 days, or 90 days, your choice). If you find you don't like Boku Superfood, you can cancel at any time with a simple toll-free phone call to their customer service department, with no hassles.

You can bet Boku will treat you right, because their reputation is on the line, and they know that NaturalNews readers are among the best-informed health consumers on the planet. So you can expect to be treated with a very high degree of professionalism as a customer of Boku. No funny business with them. Just a fair, honest offer on a remarkable superfood product sold directly from Boku to you.

[link to www.naturalnews.com]
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