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Message Subject Question: Why children paint trees blue or grass red?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Remembering back....

When I painted things the "wrong" color I was either trying to be different and not one of the group OR...

I had issues with the paint or crayons.

I remember being forced to stay in at recess with a VERY angry teacher repainting a picture because the grass in it was bluish purple.

The fact was, I just didn't know how to mix blue and yellow to make green and the Yellow had been mixed with other colors anyway, so I ended up with brown grass.

That was marginally acceptable apparently, but that teacher DID try to have me places in special ed...

Luckily my Mother said NO. :)

It turns out that my I.Q. was simply off the scale In a positive direction and that the teacher couldn't understand me because I was more intelligent than she was.

Go figure!

Later, over the course of years, I did learn to paint with the "right" colors and dumb down the things I was saying so that I was understood most of the time.
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