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Message Subject There are no “safe places”
Poster Handle Canuck
Post Content
Since all that exists, as
manifested reality, is vibrational, those that exist in a vibratory
rate that is harmonious with the planet will find themselves
in safe places.
Those safe places will exist where these
individuals are. There are no “safe places” as designated on
the planet despite any and all predictions. There will be safe
places in the midst of any and all disaster experiences. It is the
consciousness of the individuals themselves that will create
those places. Those that respond to the call to
planetary/galactic citizenship and are able to transcend the victim stance and take on the mantle of responsibility to create
a new experience will come through the days ahead to
guide this planet to a new level of experience. The Law of
Attraction will bring about its inevitable evening into balance
and harmony. Whether any of humanity on this planet
presently will come through this experience is entirely up to
the choices that each makes. It is the responsibility of the
ground crew to offer this choice to as many as possible, as
well as to make that choice for themselves and to stick to it as
the process continues through to completion.
 Quoting: Levski

Very well said.
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