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Subject Jehovah Witness/ Deception at your Door
Poster Handle friendofGod
Post Content
You´ve probably encountered them at your door. and you may have seen their ´Watchtower´ or ´Awake! magazines neatly displayed on counters of your local laundromat. The Jehovah Witnesses are probably the most aggressive and fastest growing cult in the world today. They may have your relatives or loved ones gripped by their darkness and lies...I am hoping by this thread that you may gain some info on how to reason with someone you care about, who has been led astray by their false teachings.
There are almost 4.5 million members in the world today and are devoting over a billion man hours a year spreading their false doctrines around the world.

This is not a thread to troll for hate, but I hope that you may gain some knowledge about what they teach, and if you have someone you care about involved with them, I hope that you might gain some knowledge on how to rescue them from the dark hold Jehovah´s have on their members.
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