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Message Subject Jehovah Witness/ Deception at your Door
Poster Handle 5150 - Bill
Post Content
OP, the fastest growing religion in the world in wicca, which is the religion that worships Satan. The last number I got was an annual growth rate of 1,500%.

I doubt there will be anyone coming upon this thread who actually knows more or has more personal first hand knowledge and experience with the JWs than me. I have a relative who stands up at annual conventions and speaks to a crowd of over 10,000 JWs all seated inside a huge arena. He is revered upon by the other elders. I see this person at least once a week and we share a meal. This has been going on for about eleven years. He is a very good and kind hearted person who has unwittingly been taken advantage of by this corporate cult. He believes he is doing a very good thing. I am outside of his dilemma and realize that he was brainwashed as a young boy.

In the beginning he tried to persuade me into seeing what JWs like to refer to as "The Truth". They believe "they" are in the truth. They believe that the head council of their corporate organization called the "Governing Body" is a direct channel to God. This Governing Body consist of a twelve board member of very old (90s) men who reside together in New Yorks "Watchtower & Tract Society". The "Watchtower" and "Awake" are the publications by which the governing body communicates with its flock. It also prints countless other books, phamplets, etc.. In fact the JWs have one of the worlds largest printing capacity.

I have attended countless "meetings" (church being a word they dont like) at many different Kingdom Halls. Thats what they call their churches, where they hold their primary meetings. They have spent years attempting to convince me that I was missing out on eternal life in paradise Earth. They believe that only 144,000 "annointed ones" will go to heaven and that the rest of humanity will spend eternity in a paradise Earth. No pain, no suffering, no want... absolute utopia. Anyone can see why this attracts people. I found it interesting, their two class system. Everyone gets to be in paradise but only the special 144,000 get into heaven. They dont build or operate any schools or hospitals. What they do build are more Kingdom Halls and spread their truth in an almost frighteningly organized corporate manner. They also help out in many crisis situations such as flooding, world hunger, hurriances, earthquakes, etc.. They dont make their financials available to anyone except of course, the IRS. It is almost impossible to determine their corporate net wealth, but just the RE value of the thousands of Kingdom Halls is substantial.

Their meetings are extremely boring, kind of like this posting :) They are always the same. One of the hall elders stands before the congregration and gives a one hour discourse (lecture). It is usually upon a particular subject and in fact the speakers talk is actually taken from a pre-approved frame or draft supplied by the organization. The next hour is spent in a call and reply session wherein the congregation studies a recent publication. At first one thinks, well... this is different. Until youve been to about 6 of these meetings. You begin to realize there is something very drone about it. They do open and close each meeting with a song but I wouldnt call it uplifting music. It too is extremely boring and all the hymns are sung in the same style to the same background piano march. They couldnt make it any more bland if they tried.

Ive talked to a lot of witnesses and had the opportunity to ask them in a non-offensive casual manner, "so, are your parents in the truth"?

The answer is almost always yes. But they do get a lot of newbies. They finally gave up on me. No matter what kind of logic they attempted they would hear things from me like, "God doesnt need a corporate organization as his spokesperson, God makes flowers". Youll find a ton of stuff on the internet on how to deal with the JWs without being abrasive. They are relentless and it is important that you become properly armed with good information if you are going to conduct an intelligent argument against their views. They are well trainned in the art of what I like to call "Bible verse jumping". They cleverly pick predetermined verses and paste them together into a logic which fits their given answer for any question. It takes a bit of time and skill to become good at using this very art against them.

The JWs believe that only the governing body is properly enlightened and therefore able to interpret the Bible. Their Bible is their own version called "The New World Translation". This is a term youll hear alot around witnesses, The New World. The one which will supposedly replace this evil wicked one. Which sounds like a great idea, but so does Santa Claus. Oh, they hate all holidays and consider them to be demonic. They hate nationalism and refuse to serve in any military. They disdain the current system of world governments but will quickly call upon the government (police) if you threaten them at your door. Most JW kids have it pretty rough and are prohibited from joining in normal extracurriculars such as sports, choir, holiday festivites, scouting and anythhing else which might interfere with the busy business of being a good little witness. They also hate blood transfusions and there has been much courtroom battling about it. They have an excellent legal staff and win most of their cases in court. They claim scriptural understanding backs up every belief the organization holds. They have changed their position on many beliefs many times through the decades. The organization has made more than one end-of-the-world prediction. The last and biggest fiasco was 1975. They justify these changes in belief by saying, "The light is getting brighter".

Once you become a JW you swear before God to obey the word of God as per the JW interpretation. You are expected to attend 3 to 5 meetings a week and to go door to door solicting what they call "The Good News". Your whole life (and family) becomes JW. If you do something which puts you into disfavor with the elders you can be disfellowshipped. During DF, no one is allowed to talk to you or be with you in a practice known as shunning. This includes all family, even immediate. This has lead to many ruined marriages, families and in some unfortunate situations suicide and/or killings.

I did a long exhausted study of their so-called truth. I wanted to make certain I was not overlooking something important, like eternal life. Trust me, they dont have a channel to God and I would best describe them as fairly nice people who are extremely misguided. Again, if youre dealing with a situation you will find tons of infomation online to assist you. There are many ex-witnesses.

Conclusion: The JWs are a cult, and without question more of a cult than most other religions. But then I believe that all religions are a cult like device. I would equate them being just like the Mormons, but different. Both of these groups are big time control freaks. They want to control every aspect of your life.

Well if youre still reading, my hat is off to you. Youve heard my views, heres the offical JW website.

[link to watchtower.org]

--Good Luck in finding whatever it is youre searching.
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