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Message Subject Jehovah Witness/ Deception at your Door
Poster Handle EscapeAll TheseThings
Post Content
well said 5150-Bill. Great post.

This is a truth that so many miss. All religions require you to follow men without question or face being kicked out for having a different understanding or opinion.

The real faith of the Bible is not focused on everyone beleiving the same. In fact it leaves most things in question and open to interpretation. The one thing it is clear on is we are to love God and keep his commandments so that we can all have a good peaceful life now and eternally in his Kingdom.

Im amazed at how many years I attended church and did not notice that none of the righteous figures of the Bible acted like a christian, hung up on creeds, or a Jew, hung up on tradition (additions to the Bible viewed as commandments). Instead you see them all having a personal relationship with God and mostly standing out as different from those around them--even when they were surrounded by Gods chosen people Israel who all heard the voice of God at Sinai.

JWs are just an extreme example of following men instead of Gods word. But all religions distract you from the narrow path of walking with God taught only in the pages of the Bible. They turn you off from discovering best selling book of all time which is capable of no less than predicting the future (which is how we know it did not come from the mind of man like the religions that claim to be based on it).

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