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Message Subject Jehovah Witness/ Deception at your Door
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Iīm trying to figure out, other than if you are a Christian who is afraid that JWīs will go to Hell, what exactly is the danger in being a JW?

So itīs a cult. People are allowed to be in cults so long as they arenīt harmed, and donīt harm others. Iīve always found their beliefs to be odd, but most if not all JWs I have ever met (my ex-mother-in-law was one) have been really nice selfless people.

I do wish they wouldnīt come to my door, though. If they would stop that crap I would have no trouble at all with the existence of JWs.

Anyway, my point is in a secular environment, what exactly is the issue with JWs?
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