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Message Subject Jehovah Witness/ Deception at your Door
Poster Handle magoose
Post Content
JWs is an occult.

why: simply because they are not christians.
They do not believe Jesus is God mad man. They
believe that God made Jesus, but yet before he
was born on this pitiful earth, he was St. Michael in heave. Figure that out. As a result of not
believing that Jesus is true God, true man, they
cannot and do not believe in the Blessed Trinity.

So therefore they are not christians nor can be one until they accept the truth.

Not only this JW somehow are able to draw their
victim from their families and isolate them and make them rather cold and very distant. The victims allow themselves to be "kidnapped" from their families and are very hard to get back.

I know, my brother-in-law do exactly that. The day he told me he was going to study JW and wanted to know bibical history - I told him to go a be a buddist instead and the library has thousands of books of biblical history without joining a cult. He didnīt listen.

They also are taught only "certain" verses, chapters and books are for the elite 144,000 but
donīt know which ones. So reading the first three might be for you but the next ones are for the elitists.
THEYīRE SO MESSED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!stars
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