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Jon Rappoport - another free seminar August 19th - his ideas are so interesting and inspiring!

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08/06/2009 02:26 PM

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Jon Rappoport - another free seminar August 19th - his ideas are so interesting and inspiring!
I have really gotten a lot out of the last series of free teleconference seminars that Jon Rappoport has put on. I listened to all of them and they gave me more to think about than anything else has for a long time, and encouraged me to act on ideas I've had that I've been putting off.

Here is today's email newsletter from Jon Rappoport, it's long but you get an idea of the scope of the ground he covers - there's so much there.

If you go to his web site [link to www.nomorefakenews.com] you can sight up for the free teleconference seminars, I think he wants you to answer just a few really basic anonymous marketing questions before you do. He's one of the good guys, his background is in journalism exposing the bullshit that we talk about every day here - particularly the lies and corruption in the medical field.

I would love it if some other GLPers listened to the seminar too - and he's doing something different this time, he is giving the live seminar at 6:30 that Wednesday evening, and then repeating it every night at the same time as a recording for the next several nights - neat! The live question and answers are worth making a point to hit the live night if you can.

Also if you want more background on the ideas he's been pursuing in this series on imagination, creativity, and revolutions, you can go to his site and find the "Searchable Archives" link at the bottom of the left sidebar.


By Jon Rappoport
[link to www.nomorefakenews.com]

AUGUST 6, 2009. One more time: my next new FREE seminar, THE LIBERATING IMAGINATION, takes place on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, AT 6:30 PM PACIFIC TIME.

Then you can also call in on the next 6 nights---August 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25, and listen to the recorded version.

Bring your friends on board.

What do we know about revolutions? They tend to fail, either because a succeeding ruler wipes out the new changes and goes back to the old ways, or because the revolutionary principles become mere abstractions.

In the latter case, there is a lot of fakery and pretense and flag waving, but under that cover a pervasive malaise spreads.

Perhaps, in the long run, revolutions never go far enough. The rebellion doesn’t touch certain ingrained ideas.

For example, what about a revolution against space and time?

Preposterous. What would that even mean?

It would mean our common conception of the universe is an anchor around our necks. We assume space and time are givens. We believe only a psychotic would consider trying to unseat them.

And yet, if we take science seriously, we have already altered our picture of the universe many times, in many ways. The decadent hierarchy of the Roman Church, with its hosts of priests (direct facilitators between humans and God) and angels gave way to a Copernican view, which then extended out to island galaxies. Space and time, in the 20th century, became a unified continuum…

Modern art forwarded the idea that space-time could be remolded an infinite number of ways.

Of course it’s easy to say these revolts against traditional space-time are in thought only---they don’t affect the REAL space and time.

Is that true?

* * * *

Conventionally measured time becomes very convincing when, in retrospect, you fill up a chunk of it with a recognizable event.

“We bombarded nuclei for 3.7 minutes.”

But time becomes problematical when you introduce the notion of personal experience.

“I was fixing the engine in my car. I thought I’d been working about two hours, but then all of a sudden it was dark. The whole afternoon was gone…”

We explain these oddities by assuming our own SENSE of time underwent a change, whereas the REAL tick-tock version stayed steady, as always.

We rely on the fact that we can always refer back to a clock and pick up “what has actually been happening,” time-wise.

This whole act reminds me of attempts to describe or account for the creative process: “The artist FELT he was doing XYZ, but we can reduce that to a set of mechanical operations or brain-events.”

The false underlying premise is: There are psychological subjective experiences, but they can be translated to a more comprehensible canvas of objective sequences.

As long as we keep returning to so-called objective and ultimate references to describe reality, reality will always be exactly the kind of thing it is.

And we will always adhere to it.

We will continue to demote other realities.

Therefore, we will keep ourselves in check.

Even when anthropologists interview some “primitive” tribe and discover that no one knows or cares how old they are because they don’t keep track of years, the researchers can say, “Well, if we were around with clocks and calendars, we could measure their ages.”

The more intense a personal experience, the more the sense of time changes.

It’s the same with any creative act.

You exit time and then you “come back.”

We believe that the passage of the sun across the sky makes time. The ticking of a clock’s second hand makes another sort of time. The same clock registering that one hour has passed makes another kind of time. We are talking about creating time in different ways.

The memory of a cock crowing, and a car passing on the quiet street, and the tree dropping leaves---this is constructing time, making time, creating time. It isn’t the same time the clock makes.

Within whatever frameworks of time we invent---seconds, rainshowers, trips, hours, typhoons, days, years, centuries, epochs, eras---there are explosions: Art enters into our frameworks and it has enormous impact. It changes the way we see and approach reality.

Actually, these time frameworks are more fragile than we suppose. They mainly function as an offshoot of habit and pre-conception.

So when artists create new kinds of energy, space, and time that go far beyond the physical-universe versions and the habitual human conceptions, and when this art also launches unfamiliar emotion and esthetic thunder that crack open all the old classicisms like eggs…the intrusion on conventional time is more than significant. It’s revolutionary.

* * * *

Let’s say you have a clock in New York and another one in Beijing. Both clocks employ the same rate of change, as their second hands and minute hands move. This makes us infer that the clocks are reflecting some Objective Universal thing called time. But that’s a fallacy. The clocks are merely tuned to the same pace.

If all cars on the planet were built so they always traveled at five miles an hour, we might develop a religious devotion to five miles an hour. We might say it’s the speed of God. But actually, the cars are just built that way, and they could be built another way. Ditto for clocks.

Just as many people have argued that humans and human society cannot survive without allegiance to the final and complete power of a God, others would claim that loyalty to conventional Time is a necessary devotion, if civilization is to maintain itself.

These arguments hold water if we assume that humans are irrevocably weak. But that assumption also leads to the conclusion that only some form of totalitarian control guarantees the survival of the human race.

* * * *

Following any road laid down by another person is a rank admission that you want to be hypnotized.

Almost all interpretations of Eastern thought claim there is a state of consciousness that is ultimate, in which the adept finds ‘oneness with the cosmos’. This is a fiction. There is no such final state, because consciousness is constantly on the move. Its expansion is a function of an active, not passive Dynamic. Creativity is the action that literally invents new consciousness. This fact sets most, if not all, spiritual teachings on their heads.

There is a brand of magic that is depersonalizing. Performing certain disciplines would eventually turn a person into a kind of ‘manifesting machine’. This gives us a somewhat different slant on the method of fascism: Fascism redefines free and open creativity as a technological artifact. Fascism aims to establish a Science that reduces the psyche to an energy-output device. This is interesting, because it parallels the general goals of society. This is why society is crashing on the rocks. All the old systems of thought are splintering, and we are heading for a different kind of future…

It’s curious to say it, but history has ended. We are entering a process of disintegration. The life-force of our convenient myths is now eroding at an accelerated rate. This process is being mirrored in the physical world. The underlying particles of matter are losing their coherence. There will come a day when they no longer obey the rigid laws of motion. They will awaken from a state of hypnosis and search for a new sort of existence. This isn’t a disaster. It’s a prelude to far more fertile life.

Art, which is to say, imagination, is the path to enlightenment, an infinite voyage in which there is no final state. Contrary to every system, illumination is not received passively. It is literally created by each person. Like it or not, we are all artists…Art radiates its currents into future time, and a major crossroad of that future is here. Reality, as we know it and accept it, is breaking apart like icebergs in the waves. The minor stage play called civilization-as-we-know-it is surviving only because it continues to turn out replicas and cartoons of itself.

There is an epicenter in the mind I call The Big Sleep or the Zombie. It is literally in a condition of anesthesia. It wishes for a Vacuum. A silence. An ultimate Zero. The planetary culture is attuned to this well of passivity and seeks ways of feeding it---including dead-end spiritual teachings.

But this place, this epicenter is collapsing in on itself like a star that is burning out. The fire was caused by centuries of art and imagination, which shredded all the laws that support the Big Sleep. We are in a new time, and we will, if we desire it, regain the telepathic ecstasy of languages that elevates us beyond anything in the space-time Continuum. These are our languages. They don’t belong to anyone else. They aren’t spoon-fed to us. We create them. They speak back to us.

The universe is waiting to be revolutionized down to its core, by imagination. The universe is not in the business of delivering a new state of being to us. It isn’t Big Daddy. We are not its servants. It wants us to create endlessly, because it needs what we can give it: new life. But this is simply a side effect of what we can do. Our superhighway is art and imagination. These are the essences of the coming centuries. We will even re-configure time itself. It will no longer be a serial and sequential rhythm. It will be a shifting component of our music and our language. As we rise from the bed of our deepest dreams, each one of us will, if we choose to, strike out in new directions and invent art that produces millions of islands of realities. We have passed through our childhood and adolescence. We have become lost in the labyrinths of stunted and juvenile spiritual teachings. And now we emerge from that cocoon and freely choose to CREATE---and, as a byproduct, reinvigorate every atom of energy.

* * * *

So-called objective experience is an artifact that is obtained by filtering out many perceptions from many individual points of view of many people. Objective experience is also achieved by entering into a common language that contains enough general terms to cover a broad range of pseudo-reactions.

At various times in human history, this effort is seen as establishing needed communal ground, among diverse groups. But overall, the Objective Program is a cover story that conceals human passivity and a desire to become lost in the group.

What we now call political correctness is just a minor sub-category of the Objective Program. PC is accomplished by introducing more and more general terms into the language and then trying to shame everyone into using them.

But buried under all this is the fact that every individual is unique. That’s the irreducible reality. Digging out from all attempts to make people mirrors of one another requires more than stubbornness. It requires imagination. Using imagination. Creating with imagination. Living through and by imagination is the door into uniqueness.

* * * *

To propose that the artist is a carrier wave of some sort of unifying energy is a fraud. Unification of thought and emotion is what art destroys. It opens up unknown vistas.

The politician and the priest talk about unity. They use and twist certain longings in the human being to achieve their goals, and they leave disappointment and despair in their wake.

Reality, as we know it, is rigged to fail. To the degree that we succeed in achieving our deepest dreams, we dynamically move past reality.

Unity as a feeling derives from wanting to be another person----in which case, my advice is to become an actor. Or unity derives from the stimulation of certain energy centers---which gives the impression of a collective mass Oneness. In that case, realize you’re having an experience, and learn how to provoke it on your own AND ALSO LEARN HOW TO STEP AWAY FROM IT.

* * * *

People want to believe that every new realm, creation, work of art, and product of imagination must be a system. This is sheer nonsense. Systems are hardened versions of what imagination invents, hardened to represent dead traditions.

* * * *

As an artist, your entire past and everything in it, all your past experience, all your “past time” can become raw fuel for the fire of your creative action. You thereby transform your experience into art. That’s not all an artist does, not by a long shot, but it’s there if you want to use it.

JON RAPPOPORT www.nomorefakenews.com
mercury2  (OP)

User ID: 722924
United States
08/06/2009 06:59 PM

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Re: Jon Rappoport - another free seminar August 19th - his ideas are so interesting and inspiring!
I wish some GlPers would sign up for the free teleconference, Jon Rappoport has so much to offer, he really is evolving his ideas into a way out for all of us.

The world seems to be so fucked up and heading in the wrong direction, the thing that would help is for each of us to express ourselves and create the thing that's been haunting us deep inside all these years. Isn't there something you've been meaning to do, something that is uniquely your own?

Jon says that by engaging with that part of yourself and making things that you imagine, physically real in this world, you change the fabric of the world itself and change everything.

He says expressing your creativity and exercising your imagination makes you more psychic and brings you into altered states of consciousness and helps you see through the bullshit and at the same time you are setting a good example for everyone around you and that it is infectious.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 743906
08/06/2009 07:27 PM
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Re: Jon Rappoport - another free seminar August 19th - his ideas are so interesting and inspiring!
food for the starving minds
mercury2  (OP)

User ID: 387901
08/06/2009 11:29 PM

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Re: Jon Rappoport - another free seminar August 19th - his ideas are so interesting and inspiring!
In one of the seminars he gave, he talked about imagination and free will, and the ability humans have to create something utterly new that has never been seen before. He said that if you take that into account, it disproves all the systems that try to deny that, that say that everything is cause and effect, that everything is subject to certain constant laws.

He said that the Founding Fathers were onto something when they enshrined personal liberty and individual self determination at the core of the values our country embodies. But then he asked the important question:

What is freedom for?

Why is it so important, and what should you use it for?

He really wants us to use our imaginations in the wildest ways, and to come up with ideas and images that are uniquely our own, and then to create them in physical reality. But not according to any system or method, he isn't advocating a way to do it, or recommending any course to follow or any type of thing to create. Just asking you,

What do YOU want? What do YOU desire? What do you WANT to see made real in this world?

And emphasizing, that the answers to those questions, that come from YOU, and the actions YOU take toward things that YOU WANT, are all VERY VERY IMPORTANT, to you of course, but also to the course of history and the direction our society is headed.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 744094
08/06/2009 11:36 PM
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Re: Jon Rappoport - another free seminar August 19th - his ideas are so interesting and inspiring!

mercury2  (OP)

User ID: 237638
08/07/2009 01:23 PM

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Re: Jon Rappoport - another free seminar August 19th - his ideas are so interesting and inspiring!

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 744094

Thank you so much for your intelligent and well thought out contribution to this discussion!
mercury2  (OP)

User ID: 52392
08/10/2009 04:11 PM

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Re: Jon Rappoport - another free seminar August 19th - his ideas are so interesting and inspiring!
Here's today's newsletter. I'm looking forward to this next free seminar!


AUGUST 10, 2009. This is a backgrounder for my upcoming FREE telephone seminar, THE LIBERATING IMAGINATION, on Wednesday, August 19. To sign up, go to my site, [link to www.nomorefakenews.com] and sign up there.

If you can’t catch the live call on the 19th, you can call in for the next six nights and get the seminar (recorded).

When you live by and through your imagination, and you launch action based on that, the challenge is to place those creative actions in the world.

We face this challenge all the time.

How do you get “the world” to accept and register your creative action?

There is no system for doing that.

It’s a matter of your own determination.

People want what you have to offer, but at the same time they are denying that fact. They are trying to pretend they only want standard fare, the usual, the tried and true realities.

They need what you have, but they pretend they don’t. They spend their lives trying to be average, because that’s what they’ve been told they need to do.

In other parts of their minds, however, the situation is quite different. They’re bored to death with “life as it is.” They want more. They want something new, something that hits the core of their being. They want to throw off their habitual chains.

Imagination is the force that upsets the balance of the status quo. It injects new life into a pattern of the familiar.

Freedom of the individual is the freedom to be an average conformist, but it is also the freedom to travel out beyond old boundaries.

Show business is an interesting microcosm of this situation. The people who okay projects and finance them are always looking to find a venture that resembles past successes. They want actors to relive the sorts of roles that succeeded before. They want to find some common denominator that will provoke the same response, over and over, in the audience.

At the same time, they know the new and different is what breaks through and excites audiences.

People try to tame their imaginations and turn them into automatic entities. In the long run, this fails. Imagination wants something new, something that has never happened before. This hunger never goes away. Imagination can be fed pap and fast food, but the hunger remains. It asserts itself at odd times during the day, in the middle of the night. It’s always looking out past the visible rim of the horizon toward the unknown, toward the space that hasn’t yet been claimed by the developers and the franchisers. It will never accept the familiar structures as the last word. It never dies.

JON RAPPOPORT [link to www.nomorefakenews.com]
mercury2  (OP)

User ID: 249215
08/11/2009 02:53 PM

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Re: Jon Rappoport - another free seminar August 19th - his ideas are so interesting and inspiring!

AUGUST 11, 2009. My upcoming free telephone seminar, THE LIBERATING IMAGINATION, takes place on August 19. Sign up and bring your friends in, too. [link to www.nomorefakenews.com]

There is one thing that distinguished alchemy from every other spiritual investigation:

It recognized there was a particular faculty in humans that generated an infinite leap in consciousness. And some alchemists groped toward realizing this faculty is imagination.

But that means knowledge is not so much discovered as it is created.

This is hard for some people to grasp. They want a path with heavily marked labels, or they want a teacher who has already been to the end of the path and can guide them.

This isn’t the way it operates.

Imagination is unique to every individual. It is actually “the invention of invention.”

Through and by imagination, new worlds are made.
Therefore, the rules of this world are not particularly important. In other words, they don’t add up to any kind of deep illumination. This world is just another work of art.

Transformation (the key concept of alchemy) occurs when you invent a new world and “insert it” into this one. In that sense, this world is really a launching pad, a platform, a container, a ground zero for the creation of worlds that don’t yet exist; for times and spaces and energies that don’t yet exist; for emotions and esthetic projections that don’t yet exist.

When these projections become strong enough and far reaching enough, this world changes. The change isn’t merely a re-arrangement of a pattern. It’s an endless series of new breakthroughs, dynamic and alive.

JON RAPPOPORT [link to www.nomorefakenews.com]
mercury2  (OP)

User ID: 99074
08/12/2009 02:05 PM

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Re: Jon Rappoport - another free seminar August 19th - his ideas are so interesting and inspiring!
Might as well keep posting Jon's prolific newsletters here while there's still time to sign up for the FREE teleconference seminar. Here's today's message from my inbox:


AUGUST 12, 2009. My free telephone seminar, THE LIBERATING IMAGINATION, takes place on Wednesday, August 19. Click on the link [link to www.nomorefakenews.com,] and tell your friends to sign up.

Religions tend to promote stories about “a perfect place” where souls can gain access in the afterlife.

The descriptions of these places highlight perfection.

On the other hand, the history of art reveals that perfection eventually leads to a rebellion. Artists reject finality. They are always looking for new open spaces and new possibilities. The concept of “closed beauty,” in which the ultimate has been attained, stirs the imagination to go in another direction.

True science operates in the same way.

In both cases, there is no hierarchy.

Unfortunately, people who reject imagination are looking for a system that will allow them a place, a niche, in the structure. For these people, perfection is a desired dream. They see it as the triumph of the system they are in.

At the same time, because they rankle at their fixed position, they envision a “heaven” where they will be liberated.

“Everything is in its proper place, but everything is also free.”

Well, it doesn’t work that way.

Ancient Zen is replete with stories about students who are looking for liberation but want to be tied to a teacher. The teacher always upsets their apple cart. He knows they are trying to attain a contradiction.

Imagination goes beyond all of this, because it really does operate from freedom. It doesn’t need a hierarchy or perfection. It doesn’t need to find a niche inside a structure.

There are people who keep hammering on the need for freedom, but they don’t really believe they have imagination, so they have nowhere to go. Their wheels keep spinning. Finally, they tire of freedom, because it isn’t leading them anywhere.

Instead, they settle on the Perfection fairy tale. They embroider this myth with all sorts of attractive attributes. In the process, they move further away from imagination, because imagination would shatter the whole idea of perfection.

The basic psychology of planet Earth is wrapped up in the unconscious vow: “I’ll bury my own imagination and, instead, attach myself to someone else’s imagination, and their Story will be my story.”

JON RAPPOPORT [link to www.nomorefakenews.com]
mercury2  (OP)

User ID: 340040
United States
08/13/2009 11:41 PM

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Re: Jon Rappoport - another free seminar August 19th - his ideas are so interesting and inspiring!
Here's today's newsletter from Jon, and another invitation to sign up:


AUGUST 13, 2009. My upcoming free telephone seminar, THE LIBERATING IMAGINATION, takes place on August 19. Click on the link [link to www.nomorefakenews.com] to sign up. If you can’t attend on the 19th, you can use the phone number and passcode you’ll be sent to hear the recorded version for the following six nights.

In every field of human endeavor, imagination can take the pioneer past tradition. What he invents is a quantum leap into new space.

Without such people, the human race would have folded up long ago.

Some people labor under the delusion that, if we all put invention in the dustbin and returned to nature, we would somehow attain a paradise.

This is an interesting fairy tale, but it has no merit. Even in the most remote “primitive” societies, tribes innovate. They advance in various ways. They radiate their own kind of imagination and their inner life expands.

Over the last 30 years, much has been made of groups who live in rain forests and use plant medicines to gain deeper consciousness. However, without imagination, those drugs do nothing. Passive insight rapidly deteriorates into mere habit.

The good life, the happy life, the contented life, the holy life, the sacred life, the right life----these are all bankrupt notions when they try to surgically eliminate imagination.

They too become mechanical routine.

Even the five senses of perception fail to register the impact of life, unless imagination is operating.

“Life as it is” is another one of those convenient fictions that rationalizes passive acceptance. Without at least the background hum of imagination, life collapses. Desire rots. Hope burns out.

So a person can choose to survive because his imagination is steadily tuned to a faint level, or he can live through and by imagination dynamically, and with power, in which case everything changes and nothing is ever the same.

JON RAPPOPORT [link to www.nomorefakenews.com]
mercury2  (OP)

User ID: 572234
08/18/2009 12:46 AM

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Re: Jon Rappoport - another free seminar August 19th - his ideas are so interesting and inspiring!
AUGUST 17, 2009. On August 19th, I’ll be presenting my free telephone seminar, THE LIBERATING IMAGINATION. To sign up, just click on the link above.

In these times, television and movies are the primary imagination of the collective culture. And yet, very few people seem to get the underlying message: if “they” can invent images and stories for us, we can do the same thing for ourselves.

That is, each individual can do it.

Why is that so hard to understand?

Because we have allowed ourselves to be taken in by the power of art (or whatever label you want to apply to media). We bask in the glow of the image that has been made for us, and rarely stop to think that someone is fashioning it. In that sense, we are in a state of hypnosis.

Every work of art carries the clue. Someone invented it. It wasn’t there until a person’s imagination gave birth to it. Art doesn’t come about otherwise.

The success or failure of any culture rests on this fulcrum. Are millions of people taking their cue from the imaginations of a few? Or are they creating their own art?

Education misses this point entirely.

These days, a stronger emphasis is being placed on fitting in with the group. Everything is about the group. Therefore, individual imagination takes a back seat.

At the same time, more and more people are becoming fed up with homogenized culture. They want to rebel. They want to strike out on their own. In order for this impulse to go anywhere, imagination will have to come to the fore.

For an individual, the test comes when he reaches a state of despair and boredom that is stifling. Where to go? What to do? Does he dedicate the rest of his life to merging with the group, or does he invent something quite different?

Obviously, the culture doesn’t support this latter choice. A person is going to have to make his own moves. He’s going to need to find his own sources of inspiration. He’s going to have to show some resourcefulness. He can do it now, or he can do it later. But he’s going to do it, because that is what he truly wants. He can circle around that desire and ignore it for a billion years, but eventually he’s going to admit the truth. And act on it.

So why not now?
JON RAPPOPORT www.nomorefakenews.com