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Twins & Telepathy

David Peters
User ID: 758533
United Kingdom
08/28/2009 06:07 PM
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Twins & Telepathy
I come from a rather unusual family inasmuch that my grandmother had two sets of identical twins - my father is an an identical twin. (As identical twins have identical genes all my paternal cousins are genetically my half-brothers & sisters).

Now to telepathy & twins:

Two very clear instances of telepathy between twins happened during my childhood:

One of my twin aunts married a Canadian soldier and went to live in Vancouver, British Columbia. One day in the early 50s her sister, here in London, was sitting at her office desk when she, for absolutely no reason, suddenly felt extremely distressed and was unable to continue with her work. She seemed to be having a "nervous breakdown" and had to go home. By the next day she was ok. She knew that it had something to do with her sister so she wrote to her. I saw the letter she received in reply from my aunt in Vancouver, 6,000 or so miles away. At the exact time my aunt here in London was "having a nervous breakdown" her sister was being told by a doctor that they did not expect her son to survive the meningitis he had contracted

My father was a painter and decorator. One afternoon his twin brother appeared at our house: "Something's happened to Dave!" he said. He had been at work in his shop and had had a similar "experience of sudden emotional distress" to that which my aunt had had. He came straight over. We didn't know where my father was working so hours passed before an ambulance turned up outside bringing my father home from the hospital. He had had an accident (fallen through a window) and had badly gashed his leg and arm (he came close to bleeding to death).

People who don't believe in telepathy find the above ancedotes infuriating.

As for me? Do I believe in telepathy? No, I don't BELIEVE in telepathy ... I experience it - regularly, practically every day. Telepathy is part of my life. I have some really wild, "unbelievable" anecdotes to tell about how telepathy impacts on my life.

A recent survey showed that 63% of British people believe in telepathy. What the percentage of psychiatrists who believe in telepathy is I don't know, but judging by what they say on the subject ('Telepathy is impossible! All people who believe in telepathy are mentally ill!') I expect it's in the low single digits.