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AMERIKA Has Been Communist For Quite Some Time Comrades

Chairman How ?
User ID: 699098
United States
08/28/2009 10:55 PM
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AMERIKA Has Been Communist For Quite Some Time Comrades
It's not as if this wasn't all in the making a hundred years ago. Your singing the praises of capitalism as if it still needs you.You speak of communism and socialism but MOST of you havn't read the communist manifesto, mao tse tungs red book or anything else.

Most of you havn't even read 1984.But people should take you seriously because you frequent GLP and ATS? Well the people your annointing as your heroes are a bunch fat cats who would step over you cold dead body on the way to their elite fallout bunker. They could give less than a fuck about you or your family.That includes Rush and Glen Beck.

So if your falling for their God and country BS, your a fool.All their doing is MOOOOOVING you along into an us vs them divide and conquer scenario.Your mad at Obama like he started this shit.He's exactly the same kind of minion as George Bush.But your all caught up in his name and skin color.Your not fooling anybody.

Most of you are unprincipled and apolitical until election season or the country elects a black man.

Here's your capitalism patriots ;)


Bus line: Grey Hound

Railroad: Amtrak

Airline: Delta

and the list goes on....