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Message Subject RE: Shadow Dancer: And The Fourth Reich ... By Jim Marrs
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Yes, many were imported and russia retained many of the documents...but the manpower and intellectual superiority went to usa

Many others were brought in that were not scientists if they were well educated and could contribute to building our forces.

The nature of war is to the victor go the spoils.

I wonder is that why so much of the money and wealth stolen then is still in banks through the Swiss(banksters)dc,london,ROME...black jesuits...all together with hand in pie...only blackbirds left...all the fruit is withered...

Seems even the few heirs of Czar Nicholas prior to WWI is still being "held" and denied to actual heirs...Is anyone surprised?

There truly are no real winners in war

it is created for death and destruction, the agenda of de-population...culling the herd...and much of the Nazi ideologies came into this country with them and influenced our politics more intrinsically then one would see upon cursory inspection.

Seems scientologists have Hubbard as a mentor...who was closely aligned with Parsons...and to AC...interesting how it all ties neatly together if one has the pieces

Take care and do visit the Eugenics 101
Thread: Eugenics 101 (Page 11) thread or

the harmonics and healing. Thread: Harmonics and Healing (Page 11)

Take care and thanks for receiving the truth well without persecuting the messenger

Namaste hf

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