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Message Subject Clear concrete proof that 'GOD' of Bible/Koran/Talmud is false.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
All 3 are basically Abrahamic religion/faiths.

Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice one of his sons.

Muslims/Christians argue for eons over which son was the one sacrificed..

But these morons overlooked one thing.

Their God is supposed to be All-Loving, All-Mighty, All-Knowing.

If God is All-Loving, he need not asked Abraham to kill one of his sons.

If it is to test Abraham's faith, then this GOD is not All-Knowing because he cannot read what is in Abraham's mind. He is not Al-Mighty and not telepathic.

Therefore the conclusion is this 'GOD' that Christians, Jews, and Muslims worship is nothing more than mortals with high tech toys and intellect.... far advanced beyond primitive intellectuals at the time.

The Alien GOD with EGO theory is beginning to sound more and more plausible.

Man's ability to reason and love has been suppressed by brainwashing from cruel EGOistic ET Gods. This simple Abrahamic tale is enough to discredit the entire Abrahamic faith.

Where is the LOVE ?
 Quoting: ShadowFox

This is illogical. Your conclusion is specious and invalid, because there is no prior statement about "mortals with high tech toys and intellect". There is no necessity to hypothesize such a thing when there are sufficient other indicators to show that all Abrahamic derivative gods are wishful thinking, politically motivated and misinterpretation of natural phenomena.
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