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Message Subject Clear concrete proof that 'GOD' of Bible/Koran/Talmud is false.
Poster Handle Wingedlion
Post Content

At least I am able to make a point without boring people to death with long winded rhetoric. As far as your opinion on my education, well, anyone can have an opinion, but the value of a man's opinion is the price he has paid to have it.

What the point if you judge and condemn people by calling them spirtual retards.i suggest you try to help people and not hinder them with your fundamentalist views that are very closed minded.
 Quoting: danhow

I call them spiritual retards because it causes them to react and to look at how ludicris their actions and attitudes are. Someone who has never cracked a Bible, or taken a course in Theology but got all their information from a you tube video or a wikipedia article, does not qualify a person to comment on a subject they know nothing about. But spiritual retardation seems to be an epidemic where automatically they are now experts on Theology and can spread deception and lies without being qualified to hold an opinion.
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