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Message Subject Clear concrete proof that 'GOD' of Bible/Koran/Talmud is false.
Poster Handle danhow
Post Content

Yes, and I would like to remind you that long before they wrote everything down, and before large portions of the populace were even literate, they had a rich heritage of what was called the "oral tradition" where people related history through the spoken word and not the written word.
 Quoting: Wingedlion

Well we know what happens to a story when it is done orally.I had this little experament in school where the teacher would say a saying to the first person in the class.By the time it got to last person in the class
it was a completly different saying.

I do truly wish you the best and hope things work out for you for whatever you believe.I just want to give you a suggestion.Please for your own good try to be a little more kind in the way you speak to people.You may find that
will take you farther in life and in spirit.

Love and peace be with
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