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Message Subject Clear concrete proof that 'GOD' of Bible/Koran/Talmud is false.
Poster Handle danhow
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So that would make it 110AD?. You must be joking. Apart from the 19,000 in copies in the Syriac, Latin, Coptic, and Aramaic languages. The total supporting New Testament manuscript base is over 24,000.
Almost all biblical scholars agree that the New Testament documents were all written before the close of the First Century. If Jesus was crucified in 30 A.D., then that means that the entire New Testament was completed within 70 years. This is important because it means there were plenty of people around when the New Testament documents were penned who could have contested the writings. In other words, those who wrote the documents knew that if they were inaccurate, plenty of people would have pointed it out. But, we have absolutely no ancient documents contemporary with the First Century that contest the New Testament texts.
Furthermore, another important aspect of this discussion is the fact that we have a fragment of the gospel of John that dates back to around 29 years from the original writing. This is extremely close to the original writing date. This is simply unheard of in any other ancient writing and it demonstrates that the Gospel of John is a First Century document. I am sure you will look for another excuse . It happened man,we have a creator,The prophecies were fulfilled and he will return again. Be born again or not,that is your choice.
 Quoting: Unchained

Answer for yourself: How can we know this for sure?

Your serious study into this area of concern for the Christian will reveal to you many things. First of all thousands of years before Jesus, there was another passion story told about a God man, born of a virgin mother, in a stable. He travels about with his followers, preaching and performing miracles, including turning water into wine. Eventually, he incurs the wrath of the religious authorities, who are appalled that he refers to himself as a god. He allows himself to be arrested and tried for blasphemy. He is found guilty and executed and crucified only to rise from the grave three days later, where the women weeping at his tomb do not recognize him until he assumes his divine form-as the God Dionysus/Baccus. This picture reveals to you the icon for this ancient story that predates our "Jesus Story" by thousands of years. You see this personified solar deity and his "crucifixion" on the Cross of the Sun depicted in the religious icon that predates Christianity by thousands of years.

Serious study into this area will show you, for example, that there is an inscription in the Vatican that states plainly, "He who will not eat of my body, nor drink of my blood, so that he may be one with me and I with him, shall not be saved." This is not terribly surprising, unless you consider that this is inscribed on the remains of the temple the Vatican was built on one dedicated to the God Mithras. Such eerie parallels between the pronouncements of Jesus and Mithras are not the only similarities between the two religions. Mithras was known to his followers as "The light of the world," or "The good shepherd," and exhorted his followers to share ritual communion. Mithras was also reputedly born in a cave, with shepherds in attendance, on the twenty-fifth of December.

Answer for yourself: Are these just coincidences?

Consider this. Several other Gods share the December birthday, and like Mithras, they are also solar deities, who are born in the Winter Solstices, often of virgin mothers, die, and are reborn. One of these, a pre-Christian deity called Attis, was called "The lamb of God," and his crucifixion and subsequent resurrection were celebrated annually, with ritual communions of bread and wine. His virgin mother, Cybele, was worshipped as "The Queen of heaven." It gets more interesting the further back we look- Attis and Cybele's predecessors are the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar, and her consort Tammuz. It is from their legend that we get the name for the annual celebration of the resurrection of Christ at Easter, a name of the Goddess Ishtar. This is not the only coincidence related to this ancient couple. The earliest use of the cross as a religious symbol is related to Tammuz! The Solar cross is probably the oldest religious symbol in the world, appearing in Asian, American, European, and Indian religious art from the dawn of history. Composed of a equal armed cross within a circle, it represents the solar calendar and the movements of the Sun, marked by the Solstices. Sometimes the Equinoxes are marked as well, giving an eight armed wheel. The swastika is also a form of Solar cross. In fact, crosses are related to a variety of solar deities because of the Vernal Equinox where the Sun rises from the Southern Hemisphere into the Northern Hemisphere and in so doing the Sun rises above the "intersection of ecliptical orbit of the Earth around the Sun and its own Celestial Equator; the two intersections of these Astronomical Planes forming a "cross" in the Heavens (the Sun, "personified as the Son", was "crucified on a cross" in the Heavens before the foundation of the world).

We live in a day where the inrush of information from modern scholarship as well as the evidences unearthed from archeology over the last two hundred years, and especially the last 50 years, is proving beyond a doubt that modern Christianity has never known the inner meaning of its own Bible let alone the Divine Truths that lay behind Christianity's erroneous interpretation of "the Christ". I know, some will think that such a statement is ludicrous but I assure you had you been equipped with the knowledge about the subjects of which I speak and teach then you would known for certain that such a bold assertion can be made and supported beyond any doubt in today's world. It is a sobering thought indeed to come finally to the realization through years of serious study that you, as a typical Christian, have never correctly understood or comprehended the true Divine message of the Bible as these stories we cherish in our Bibles were in the beginning originally understood by its writers and earliest audiences. It is my hope that these thought provoking articles and information provided by Bet Emet Ministries will help awaken the minds of the readers in order that they may perceive, maybe for the first time in their lives, the recondite and hidden sense in the Scriptures that they read and which has been misinterpreted by mainline Christianity over the last 1,700 years.

[link to paganizingfaithofyeshua.netfirms.com]
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