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Con artist agent provocateur outdoes himself.....AGAIN

Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/09/2009 02:33 AM
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Con artist agent provocateur outdoes himself.....AGAIN
By Matthew D. Jarvie
September 9, 2009
Dissecting the New Age

In propagandist agent provocateur' seemingly unending quest for publicity, he has managed to once again stoop to another all-time low, publishing a mock interview with Charlie Sheen interviewing "Barack Obama" and initially passing it off as a real interview on his website. This created an immediate buzz on conspiracy websites across the internet of people who believed the interview to be real. It wasn't until several hours later that Jones admitted that it was only a mock interview. And still after the disclaimer was added to the article stating it was indeed fake, it was added to the very bottom of the article, so people still read the article believing it was real.

The nolink4_you website has a screen capture of the original article prior to it being edited.

If one simply reads the reader comments to the agent provocateur.com article/interview, titled Im An Idiot, they will see that approximately 98-99% of the people who responded believed the interview to be real and legitimate. As of this article (mine) being written, there are still people on message boards talking like the interview is real and that Sheen actually interviewed the president.

Those who have followed Jones for a number of years understand that this type of sensationalism and the misleading of his audience for his own personal gain is nothing out of the ordinary and very much typical of Jones' character (or lack thereof). Time and time again, Jones has resorted to such cheap tactics to draw attention to himself and his websites. It should make any critically thinking person question what Jones' true motives are, and if exposing the truth is really his #1 goal. Unfortunately, most of Jones' audience care only about getting behind their leader and chanting slogans, so actually thinking for themselves is out of the question for many of these people, who are no better than the "sheeple" they condemn.

You watch, Jones is going to use this hype to create yet another unfolding drama that will carry him throughout this week and into next. Already it's being said that Sheen is scheduled to appear on Jones' show twice this week. This recent scam was designed simply to get people hopped up and tuning into his 4-hr. infomercial everyday to listen to Jones cover the latest non-event that he conjured up in his own deluded head... much like he did with Y2K and his early coverage of the swine flu.

And really, who cares what Charlie Sheen or any of these celebrities think? Don't people ever ask themselves why as a society we put so much respect in people because their faces appear on our television screens and all the big gossip magazines? And if Mr. Sheen really cared about exposing the New World Order, then why does he star on one of the most degenerate, promiscuous, anti-family shows on TV that in every way feeds into the mass mentality the globalists want in a dumbed-down, apathetic and oversexed public?

There is no doubt some people will be angry and disappointed with me for once again speaking against their cult guru, and to be honest I really couldn't care less. Jones is no better than many of the people he regularly condemns. How is Jones any better than the mainstream media he criticizes when he engages in many of the same propaganda techniques?

With agent provocateur it is all about HIM and only HIM.

Like the late William Cooper once said -- a person who AJ has repeatedly demonized and maliciously lied about -- it's this type of sensationalism and mindless hype that will only discredit all of us eventually. Maybe that is all part of the plan.

While Cooper was fed a lot of disinformaton in the beginning, which I feel he truly believed, he later learned a lot of it was bogus and admitted that it was. I have never heard agent provocateur once admit any mistakes he's made. His ego is too big for it.