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Message Subject I personally like Obama.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
because they get banned, seriously

This is how all dictatorships start, they start with a revolution that supports the people, but it always ends up taking all freedom away by refusing to allow any opposition to speak out to it. A typical example of this is the "Islamic Republic of Iran."

This is very evident on a site like this.

These people who do the banning are the same people who pretend to fight for the protection of the rights that our constitution gives us. But they are so pathetic that they cannot even practice giving those rights to people on a silly website like this.

This is just pathetic.

Their fight for "freedom of speech" is just rhetoric obviously!

To people like these "freedom of speech" translates to "If you say anything I don't like or I don't agree with you're out of here!"

I see people on here support some insane ultra-conservative neocon like Glenn Beck and post his videos on here and they don't ban them for it, but they ban someone for supporting the president of the United States. I didn't like Bush, and I would not support banning Bush supporters on here a year or two ago.

This kind of behavior is why the world is going down the drain.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 768160

A month or so ago I saw someone post a YouTube video showing Israeli youth at a party calling Obama the N-word and saying that they don't like him because he is an N*****.

I was very shocked by this! This showed how racist Israelis can be. And this video was produced by an American Jew.

This thread was up for maybe a minute or two before it was taken down and banned!

This shows you who is in control of this website.

I'll probably get banned for even saying this.

And this thread will probably be deleted for having this reply on it!

It's just crazy!
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